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Factors and elements of exposure through the AOG include:

Exclusive Access to AOG Membership
Each corporate sponsor will have the opportunity to be in front of and engage with Air Force Academy alumni through print and web exposure, and high-profile event opportunities. The core components of a corporate sponsorship with the AOG include the opportunity to reach members and leaders of the military community through exclusively-branded event promotion emails, as well as print advertising alongside other major players from the defense industry.

2015 AOG Media Kit

Direct Access to Air Force Leadership
The Association of Graduates is the primary resource for Air Force Academy news, the hub of graduate event activity, and preserver of Academy heritage. On their climb through the ranks, our leaders become increasingly aware of the importance of connecting with their fellow graduates. This realization predictably leads them back to the ties that bind them—their Academy and AOG. The AOG boasts an engaged audience through a broad spectrum of publications, events, career and networking opportunities designed to reach our constituents throughout all phases of their lives and careers. We regularly recognize highly-respected leaders through events, such as our annual Founders Day celebration, onsite visitor attractions, and feature articles in print and online. As the alumni association for the Air Force Academy, Air Force officers are our prime focus—and we are their point of contact for all things Air Force Academy.

Prestige and Reach of the AOG
With over 47,000 alumni, their legacies, and nearly 40,000 affluent, loyal constituents, the AOG’s reach and reputation have a significant impact on the overall value of your corporate sponsorship package.

Competitive Exposure alongside Industry Leaders
Work with us to ensure your industry is introduced to current and future leaders of our U.S. Air Force through strategic combinations of our unique events and communications.

Sponsorship of the Association of Graduates shows Air Force leaders you are ready to work alongside them in the fight – as a trusted partner who is invested in the future success of our U.S. military.

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