September 2014 Checkpoints

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The September 2014 issue of Checkpoints features three graduate couples discussing life as married fighter pilots. Also read about reflections on war, updates from the Academy and more! Checkpoints Online has additional photo galleries and bonus articles.

Checkpoints Online - September 2014

Bonus Content

F-16 Sortie Photo Gallery
  • Additional Photo Galleries
  • Additional Articles:

    • BCT Brown Shoes Style
      Harrison Kane '60 on basic cadet training during the Academy's infancy.

    • Basic Memories
      The story of a Second Beast push up contest with lifelong implications.

    • The Legacy of a Teacher
      Former Deputy Head of the USAFA History Department Lt. Col. David MacIsaac left a lasting impression on his students.

    • Fine '89
      A look at the Class of 1989 as they near their 25th Reunion.

    • A Special Bond
      On November 10, 2013, in a ceremony at the Seattle Museum of Flight, a memorial bronze sculpture by artist James Nance ’71 was unveiled.