USAFA Endowment

Impact of Giving

Your contributions make an extraordinary difference for the Air Force Academy, and our donors often tell us what an impact giving back makes in their own lives.

The following examples highlight the impact that gifts through the USAFA Endowment can have on the institution.


The David L. Jannetta Lectureship in War, Literature and the Arts
The Jannetta Lectureship was established to bring to the Academy scholars of international renown who specialize in the study and exposition of the human aspects of war. These distinguished lecturers, well-established scholars in the fields of literature, history, philosophy and the arts, will engage in a series of public lectures, classroom sessions with cadets, and faculty workshops during their visit. In conjunction with the annual Humanities Summit, this program will highlight the Academy’s core military mission, while vitally encouraging a deeper understanding of the human elements present in the profession of arms.

Just-in-Time Teaching Program
The USAFA Endowment received a gift of $600,000 from John Martinson ‘70 in support of one of the Academy's key “learning-focused” initiatives, Just-in-Time Teaching.  Just-in-Time Teaching (JiTT) is a pedagogical strategy that leverages the power and convenience of web technology to improve student learning, skill building, and attitudes. JiTT courses build feedback loops between pre-class preparations by students and faculty and in-class activities that meet the students where they are to help them move forward. The essence of JiTT is remarkably simple, but the dividends can be profound.

The Scowcroft Professorship in National Security Studies
The Professorship is named in honor of Lieutenant General Brent Scowcroft, commemorating his lifetime of distinguished service to the nation. The Professorship is charged with teaching, conducting and promoting research on defense and space issues, expanding internship and graduate fellowship opportunities for cadets, and fostering a national dialogue on space issues among all sectors of the space community.  Filled by a scholar of national reputation, the Professorship further establishes the Air Force Academy as the leading undergraduate institution in the areas of defense and space policy, and helps develop successive generations of Air Force officers with a vocation for space.


State of the Art Athletic
Recruiting System

The USAFA Endowment, in partnership with the Air Force Athletic Foundation, purchased a cutting-edge athletic recruiting system. The system greatly enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the athletic recruiting process by capturing, storing and managing candidate information. The system will save hundreds of staff-hours and will enable the athletic staff to concentrate on encouraging high quality young men and women to consider
the Air Force Academy.

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Falcon Football Armed Forces Bowl Party
The USAFA Endowment provided funding for a celebration for players, coaches, parents and Falcon Football friends following the Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth, Texas. The event allowed the team and its closest supporters the opportunity to enjoy the conclusion of a successful season, and commemorate the bonds formed on the “fields of friendly strife.”

Private Jet Transportation for Falcon Football Recruiting
A donor provided over 50 hours of private jet transportation to the Falcon Football program to allow Coach Troy Calhoun and his staff to make more efficient use of their limited recruiting time. As a result, the staff was able to make significantly more contacts with qualified and interested recruits, positively impacting the future of the Falcon Football program.

Character & Leadership Development

The Distinguished Chair in Character and Leadership
The Distinguished Chair in Character and Leadership at the United States Air Force Academy is responsible for integrating the character and leadership education programs for the 4,400 students at the Air Force Academy.