The Connection Project

Part III | Premiere Academy
A special message from the President and CEO, William ‘T’ Thompson, ’73.

Greetings fellow graduates, parents and friends of the Academy. It is my distinct pleasure to present to you the Connection Project, a progression of ideas designed to build loyalty, strength and unity among Air Force Academy cadets and graduates. All of the work we do here at the Association of Graduates supports the greater Air Force Academy community including our graduates and members. We are committed to building a strong and cohesive graduate community dedicated to supporting the Academy and each other in their personal and professional pursuits. But the AOG’s efforts alone are not enough. The task of building loyalty to support a world class university goes beyond its alumni association. If we are to successfully face tomorrow’s challenges, our efforts must reach a broader scale. The Connection Project calls upon USAFA, the Air Force and the graduate community to join forces in building a stronger more vibrant network of support for the Academy and each other. Together, our communal efforts will far outreach that of any single organization. Together, we can build a better Academy.

I invite everyone to watch this three part video and to then read the Connection Project and offer your views. Please send your feedback to We look forward to the continuing dialogue as we work hard to serve our graduate community and this great institution.

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