Nancy R. Kudla '80

Nancy R. Kudla, '80, is Co-founder and Executive Vice President for FNK Ventures LLC, a privately held company that focuses on owning, developing and managing commercial real estate properties. Prior to this, she was the CEO & Chairman of dNovus RDI, a prime contractor of applied information technology, nationally recognized for its excellence, including award of the Federal Government’s National Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year. Under her leadership, the company grew to over 300 professionals and offered a broad array of large network design, cyber security, software design, and data center operations. In 2008, she and her husband, Frank, sold dNovus to a Fortune 500 company, and now focus on family, civic and other business activities.

Ms. Kudla graduated with honors in the first class of female graduates at the United States Air Force Academy, with a double major in Economics and International Affairs; she was also a Rhodes Scholar National Finalist. She has previously served on the Academy Board of Visitors. Ms. Kudla is also the President for the Kudla Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on two primary mission areas: 1) developing servant leaders of character and integrity; and 2) helping ensure our nation’s cyber security. Ms. Kudla currently resides in San Antonio, Texas.