Max F. James '64

After graduating with honors from the United States Air Force Academy, Mr. James flew with the astronauts in the Astronaut Recovery Program at Cape Canaveral, and then volunteered for Combat Air Rescue duty in the Vietnam War. Following his time in the military, Max attended Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. With an MBA in hand, Mr. James started his business career in the real estate industry. His first venture was to serve as an international investment analyst, which then led to a lucrative stint as a real estate sales executive, and eventually, a real estate developer. Mr. James and his partners built, owned and operated all of the Days Inn Hotels in California and Nevada. He was Executive Vice President of Days Inns of America, and served on the Board of Directors of the California Governor’s California Tourism Corporation. Following this, Mr. James returned to the world of real estate and developed several RE/MAX Real Estate territories in Northern California. Most recently, Mr. James developed one of the largest chains of Metabolife cart and kiosk retail outlets in the United States. This involvement in the Specialty Retail Industry led him into several other product lines, ranging from yoyos (American Yoyo Company) to cosmetics (Avon, In-Your-Face Cosmetics, and Proactiv Solutions), as well as many others. Currently, Mr. James is the CEO and Founder of North American Kiosk, LLC and American Kiosk Management, LLC which operates specialty retail kiosks in forty- four states, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Mr. James is a recipient of the Academy’s Distinguished Graduate Award.