The Honorable Frederick D. Gregory, '64

Colonel Frederick D. Gregory ’64 is currently the managing director of the Aerospace and Defense practice at Lohfeld Consulting Group. Prior to joining Lohfeld, Colonel Gregory was the Deputy Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). He also served as the Associate Administrator for Space Flight and was responsible for overseeing the management of the International Space Station, Space Shuttle operations and other space programs. Colonel Gregory has extensive experience as an astronaut, test pilot, and manager of flight safety programs and launch support operations. As an astronaut, he logged 455 hours in space: as pilot for the Orbiter Challenger (STS-51B) in 1985, as spacecraft commander aboard Discovery (STS-33) in 1989, and as spacecraft commander aboard Atlantis (STS-44) in 1991. He retired as a Colonel in the United States Air Force after logging 7,000 hours in more than 50 types of aircraft, including 550 combat missions in Vietnam. Colonel Gregory holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Air Force Academy and a Master's degree in Information Systems from George Washington University. Among other honors, he is a recipient of the Academy’s Distinguished Graduate Award.