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Six & Geving Insurance is the largest locally owned and operated insurance agency in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Six & Geving provides Business Insurance, Surety Bonding and Risk Management services to over 3,000 businesses throughout the Colorado Front Range and beyond.

USAFA Grad ('89) Chris Rea is part of the ownership team.

    "As a grad myself, I know there is a 'higher caliber' business owner out there. Academy Grads almost universally fit that mold. Regardless of what we decided to do when we grew up, I know when I work with a Grad, that I'm working with someone of high character, seriousness in their risk management and an industry leader. That makes the service we provide much more fun."

Of all the decisions you make as a business owner, business insurance and risk management are the most important – choose wisely and you save a buck or two -- choose poorly and it could mean the end of your livelihood. Business insurance and risk management is 98% of what we do day in and day out. If protecting your business is important to you, work with an expert.

We have the best people, the right markets and the expertise to deliver the most efficient risk management solutions for your business, regardless if you’re a local company, national chain or even international organization, we can help you. We return 99% of our phone calls on the same day.

Our existing clients are our best references. Ask around and you'll see.

We don't work with everyone. We work with the best.

You should too.

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Chris Rea
Six & Geving Insurance, Inc.
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