Prosper Creatively, LLC

Prosper Creatively LLC

Prosper Creatively, LLC is a business and personal coaching practice that specializes in presenting solid business skills in a fun, visual way. Ideal clients include:

  • "Right Brainers" and "Creatives" who get stuck on left brain business tasks (like business plans or budgets),

  • "Left Brainers" who would like to make friends with their creative right brain,

  • "Balanced Brainers" who would like to infuse their planning process with creativity, play and fun.

Cass Mullane, owner of Prosper Creatively, LLC, is the daughter of a career Air Force officer and long-time professor of English at the USAFA. Cass is active in the Colorado Springs community serving as a Board member on the Southern Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce, a Mentor with Women2Women Mentoring and the "Artist Wrangler" for the Butterflies & Friends project.

At her core, Cass is a right brainer, a creative, an artist. Add to that over 20 years of working with law firms and major defense contractors in Washington, D.C., an MBA and a Masters in Information Management, and you’ll see that she has developed a strong set of left brain business skills. Tapping into this whole brain approach has helped to make Cass a highly valued coach.

Cass returned to Colorado Springs to satisfy her entrepreneurial drive in 2004. Originally established to help small businesses get their budgets and financial plans squared away, ProsperCreatively, LLC has evolved into a coaching practice that focuses on Professional and Personal Accountability and a "right brain" delivery of standard "left brain" business practices. Think color, visual, stimulating, fun and you'll get the idea!

Through group and individual coaching, online and in person, you can relax and learn the tools needed to succeed as a right brainer or creative in business. For example, learn how to:

  • stay clear on your vision
  • ask the right questions
  • deal with "Mind Monkeys"
  • build great action plans
  • manage the bumps in the road
  • talk confidently about money
  • stay accountable

Having an Accountability Coach and success partner is key to maintaining forward progress and having a clear path. As Cass likes to say, "It does not matter where you are... what matters is what you choose to do from here forward."

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