Pennica Financial Group

Pennica Financial Group

Pennica Financial Group, Inc. is a different kind of financial company—one that is built for the client. We go to work everyday for one purpose—to serve our many clients and their interests! With the implosion of many financial firms and banks during the 2008 recession, many people were shaken. Their confidence was tested at the very least. We stood by our clients every day helping them with their fear and emotions. After all, isn’t that what a trusted advisor does? Does your firm or advisor do that for you?

Secondly, we understand that everyone is different and unique. A "one size fits all approach" is not the best approach. That is why we listen, we learn, and then we make recommendations. We take our clients through a process so that all parties get their voice in this important matter. We believe this is very important.

And finally, our recommendations do not come from a corporate headquarters—it comes from years of experience and the ability to make unbiased choices for our clients. We do not offer or make proprietary financial products or services. Hence, we constantly look for the best companies that make the best financial products for our clients. Let us earn your respect and business.

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411 Lakewood Circle
Suite B102
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80910