Access To and Tours of Cadet Area for AOG Members

The AOG is happy to give AOG Graduate members, families and friends an exclusive tour of the cadet area. The Visitor Center, Chapel, Arnold Hall, Field House, and Hall of Excellence are always open to the general public. The only way to gain access to the fenced in area of the Terrazzo is through an escort with cadet area access. If you are interested in a tour of the cadet area please call one week in advance to schedule a date.

Days Available:
Monday - Friday (Excludes Federal Holidays)


Time of the year tours are conducted:
March - October*

*From Inprocessing through Acceptance Day tours are discouraged by the Academy due to Basic Cadet Training on the Terrazzo. Tours are also not available during Parents' Weekend or reunions. Outside of the March - October time frame, tours are conducted on a case by case basis due to unpredictable weather. Tours are not conducted by the Association of Graduates on weekends; however, the USAFA Visitors Center offers free tours with no reservation needed.

Tour of the Cadet Area includes visiting the following places:

  • Chapel
  • Mitchell Hall
  • Fair Child Hall
  • H1 Lecture Hall (Located in Fairchild Hall)
  • McDermott Cadet Library
  • War Memorial
  • Class Crest Wall

The tour does not include the Cadet Dorms (Sijan and Vandenberg). Graduates are not permitted inside the cadet dormintories during these special individual tours. Graduates may, however, enter the Dorms during Class Reunions, Parents Weekend, Graduation Week, and Appointee Parent Tours.

Requests for Lunch with Cadets
Due to cadets' strict schedule during the week, the opportunity for visiting graduates and their families to dine with cadets in Mitchell Hall is limited to class reunions.

Visits with Cadet, USAFA Staff Members and Departments
AOG members who wish to visit a cadet, Academy staff member or department should contact the Cadet/Staff Member Department directly to arrange for your escort.

If you have more than 10 people in your group for a tour of the Cadet Area please see the service fee pricing below:

Service Fee:
$ 0 - Member plus first nine
$ 50 - Guests 10 through 19
$100 - Guests 20 through 29
$150 - Guests 30 through 39
$200 - Guests 40 through 49
$250 - Guests 50 through 59
$300 - Guests 60 through 69
$350 - Guests 70 through 79
$400 - Guests 80 through 89
$450 - Guests 90 through 99

Tours above 100 will be considered on a case by case basis.

If you are interested in a tour of the cadet area please call at least one week in advance to schedule a date and time. We will make every effort possible to accommodate you and your tour group.

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