T-Mobile Discount Program

T-Mobile offers several discounts when you add a new line of service. Enjoy 12% off monthly recurring charges, waived activation fees, discounted phone pricing, and free shipping.

For each new activation, the AOG receives a royalty. This program is only available via the Internet or by calling T-Mobile and identifying your affiliation with the Association of Graduates. The program is not available in stores. If you are initiating a new account or if you are adding a line please call 866-464-8662. Please provide the promo code 9006TMOFAV.

The discount is also available to current T-Mobile subscribers.* If you are an existing T-Mobile customer (with a currently offered plan) and you want to receive the AOG's corporate discount, visit t-mobile.com/corpdiscount. On that page you can download the Corporate Discount Form. When completing the form, the corporate node # to be entered is 4344022 and the organization name is AOG U.S. Air Force Academy. On the form you will find instructions where to email it. When emailing the form be sure to reference security code USA in the body of your email.

*Restrictions apply.