Graduate Dependent Scholarships

Graduate Dependent Scholarship Winners

A total of 100 completed applications were sent to a volunteer committee to review and rank. The volunteer committee, consisting of Col. (Ret.) Michael “Scoop” Branham ’77, Col. Cheryl Beineke ’90, Lt. Col. (Ret.) Terry Carroll ’67, Col. (Ret.) Jack Fry ’67, Lt. Col. Jane Gibson ’94, Lt. Col. Daniel and Wendy Hites ’68, Col. Wistaria Joseph ’93, Col. Tim MacGregor ’90, Lt. Col. Rob McCullers ’88, Ms. Kathryn Smith ’82 devoted considerable time to scoring each applicant’s package. Scores were then consolidated and the twenty applicants, 10 college and 10 high school, with the highest total points were awarded scholarships.

  • Emily Babski ***- Miss Babski is a senior at the Virginia Tech (Blacksburg). She is studying accounting, finance and cello performance. (Ronald Babski ’85)
  • Heather Brevard** - Miss Brevard is a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin where she studies and computer science. (Michael Brevard ’95, Jennifer (Buss) Brevard ’95)
  • Anna Broshkevitch - Miss Broshkevitch plans on attending Virginia Tech (Blacksburg) where she will study molecular biology and biochemistry. (Andrea Broshkevitch ’87)
  • Adam Burgess** - Mr. Burgess is a junior at Texas Christian University. He is studying neuroscience with a Spanish minor and hopes to attend medical school in the future. (Robert Burgess ’89)
  • Bridget Cavouti - Miss Cavouti plans to attend the University of Northern Colorado at Greeley to study Dietetics and become a Registered Dietitian. (Frank Cavouti ’85)
  • Veronica Cruz*** - Miss Cruz is a senior at Stanford University. She is studying computer science. (Robert Cruz ’83)
  • Kristina DeGiovanni** - Miss DeGiovanni is a sophomore at Brown University where she studies pre-medicine and literary arts. (Vincent DeGiovanni ’84, Susan Easter ’84)
  • Alex Frickenstein - Mr. Frickenstein plans to attend Colorado State University and study chemical/biomedical engineering. (Scott Frickenstein ’90)
  • Mary Galey - Miss Galey plans to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to study Biology and Public Health with intentions of going on to medical school. (Fred Galey, Jr ’89)
  • Ashley Kenney - Miss Kenney is planning to attend Marquette University where she will study biomedical sciences and pre-physician assistant studies. (Thomas Kenney ’87)
  • Rachel Lee** - Miss Lee is a senior at the University of Denver where she studies accounting. (Montgomery Lee ’76)
  • Nicole Romanzo** - Miss Romanzo is a sophomore at Siena College where she is studying biology. (Daniel Romanzo ’91)
  • Cullen Shope – Mr. Shope plans to attend Rice University in Houston, Texas and is planning on studying biomedical engineering. (Patrick Shope ’89)
  • Madison Sievers – Miss Sievers plans to attend New York University to study mathematics, business, and marketing. (Kimberly Baumann ’86 and Kevin Sievers ’89)
  • Jacqueline Sigg - Miss Sigg is a junior at Baylor University where she is studying management and real estate. (Clinton Sigg ’90)
  • Chad Smith** - Mr. Smith is a senior at the University of Oklahoma where he is studying Pre-Med with a Biology Major and a Chemistry Minor. (Robert Smith ‘82)
  • Isabel Taylor – Miss Taylor plans to attend Colorado State University at Pueblo to study Nursing. (James Taylor ’83)
  • Katherine Toldy - Miss Toldy is a junior standing at the University of Denver. She studies International Business and Accounting. (Stephen Toldy ’82, Margaret Turete Toldy ’83)
  • Riana Wirthlin – Miss Wirthlin plans to attend Brigham Young University to study Molecular Biology. (Joseph Wirthlin ’94)
  • Laura Yechensky – Miss Yechensky plans to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, her path of study will be engineering. (Shannon Gregory ’90 and Daniel Yechensky ’90)

*Asterisks indicate this person has previously won a Graduate Dependent Scholarship. The number of asterisks corresponds to the number of awards the individual has received.