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Class of the Month: 1964

Every month we will recognize a featured class online, highlighting the accomplishments and catching up with where they are now.

  • This month we are celebrating the new Class of 1964!

  • The Class of 1964 is celebrating their 50th Reunion this month! Share your class and reunion photos using hashtag #usafa1964 on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

  • What They've Done: 31 General Officers,
    42 CEO/VPs, 22 Medical or Legal, 15 Airline Professionals, and an astronaut.

  • Giving Back: 317 AOG Members,
    39 Sabre Society Members
    over $7M Lifetime Giving

Class of 1964

1964 Award Statistics:
  • Rhodes Scholars - 1
  • Air Force Cross - 3
  • Dist. Service Medal - 7
  • Silver Star - 56
  • Dist. Flying Cross - 437

Distinguished Graduate Award Winners:

Several 1964 graduates are highlighted at Fairchild Hall's Falcon Center Heritage Exhibit and our graduate displays at Doolittle Hall showcasing our growing heritage.

USAFA Field Day
Go back in time to Field Day (August 1963) to see a glimpse into Academy life heading into the final academic year for the Class of 1964.

Graduation Day For America's Forces (1964)

Class of 1964 Links

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