The Nominating Committee seeks and recruits qualified candidates to serve on the board of directors and on all board committees. The committee is a standing committee and maintains an active pool of potential candidates and meets in conjunction with regularly scheduled board meetings.

Committee members include:

  • Two directors, one of whom serves as chair
  • Five non-directors selected from the AOG general membership
    • Robert Munson, '73, Chair, AOG Nominating Committee
    • Steven Beasley, '93, Director
    • Bruce Wright, '73, Director (alternate)
    • Christopher Miller, '80
    • Randy Jayne, '66
    • Edwin Montgomery, '59
    • Chad Palumbo, '06
    • Richard Mickelsen, '07 (alternate)

Duties and responsibilities of the nominating committee and members of the nominating committee

The AOG nominating committee will:

  • Assess the needs of the nominating committee and recommend to the board AOG members who
    • are willing to become knowledgeable about the Academy and the AOG
    • have extensive contacts and the ability to find prospective Board and committee members
    • represent as diverse a cross-section of AOG constituency as possible
    • are willing and able to fulfill the Requirements of Directors.
  • Assess the needs of the board of directors and other committees of the board and
    • identify characteristics, skills, experience and backgrounds currently displayed in the Board and gaps that exist
    • identify diversity needs of the board
    • seek a broad pool of candidates with the necessary characteristics, skills, experience, backgrounds and diversity
  • Develop job descriptions and a recruitment plan
  • Maintain and continuously add to the pool of prospective board and committee members
  • Cultivate the interest of prospective board and committee members
  • Inform and orient new board and committee members
  • Follow instructions issued by the board chair for compiling an election slate
  • Recommend to the board a slate of candidates who, in the judgment of the committee, are best qualified to give broad and diverse representation for the graduate community
  • Recommend candidates for committee positions.

Nominating Committee members will:

  • Stay abreast of AOG and Academy issues
  • Receive the AOG board orientation
  • Commit to making at least two trips at their own expense annually to attend nominating committee and AOG board meetings in person
  • Be able to participate in other nominating committee meetings by telephone
  • Screen and meet as appropriate with candidates
    • Review nomination packets
    • Conduct telephone interviews
    • Conduct personal interviews
  • Serve on the nominating committee for at least two election cycles (four years)
Please contact the nominating committee if you have any questions.