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Casey Weinstein Class of 2004

Casey Weinstein is a Senior Account Executive for Gartner, overseeing client management and business development activities. A 2004 Academy graduate, Casey received his MBA from The Ohio State University in 2007. Casey is highly engaged in his community in the Dayton, Ohio area. He is the President of the Southwest Ohio AOG Chapter, is a member of the Board of Directors at his Temple and is a member of Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown’s Service Academy Nomination Board. He was elected VP of Programs for the Dayton-Wright AFCEA Chapter.

Casey lives near Dayton, Ohio with his wife and USAFA classmate Amanda.

Candidacy Statement

I am excited to express my desire to serve as a member of the Association of Graduates Board of Directors. I am eager to build on the success we’ve enjoyed at the SW Ohio AOG Chapter, and am ready to take lessons learned and new ideas to the AOG membership as a whole. I want to help build a proud and active membership base.

I have reviewed the requirements of directors and am willing and able to fulfill those requirements. Specifically, I am fully willing and able to travel to board meetings at my own expense.

Why did you decide to run for the AOG Board of Directors?

I am proud to be both a graduate of the Air Force Academy and a member of an ‘Academy family’ (my wife, grandfather, father, uncle, brother, and brother-in-law are all service academy graduates). This pride led me to become engaged in my regional AOG chapter, where I took over as President and developed a unique operating model and robust, diverse programming that engages hundreds of graduates, with their family and friends. Along the way, I’ve learned lessons that can help to bridge important gaps I see in our community; between AOG members and non-members, older and younger graduates, those in and out of Active Service; and between ours and our sister service academy’s alumni. I want to bridge these gaps while instilling in our Association’s members as much pride in our Academy as I do, and I feel that the Board of Directors will give me the ability to take the lessons I’ve learned running my chapter to affect change at the national level.

What skills, knowledge, & experience do you have that has prepared you to serve on the AOG Board?

In addition to my aforementioned experience as President of one of our largest AOG chapters, I have gained a great deal of knowledge and experience through continued education and engagement with other organizations. For example, I was appointed to Congressman Steve Austria’s Blue Ribbon Task Force for Economic Development in the Dayton, Ohio region. In this capacity, I led all networking initiatives to enhance industry engagement with Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, including overseeing the launch of a new social-media website.

I have board experience from multiple organizations, including my active service as the youngest member of the board of my Synagogue. I am also the Vice President of programs for the Dayton-Wright AFCEA chapter, overseeing a robust series of programming for an active chapter of over 750. I have experience on the national/international level through my participation on the National Young AFCEAN Council.

In order to augment the leadership and management knowledge I learned at the Academy and during my Active Duty service, I continued my education after graduation from the Academy, receiving my MBA from The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business in Columbus, Ohio.

Finally, my profession requires a combination of networking, collaboration, consensus-building, and constant interaction with our clients, many of whom sit at the highest levels of Air Force leadership. The skills I’ve learned on the job will serve me well on the AOG Board.

What involvement with the AOG or the Academy have you had that has prepared you to serve on the AOG Board of Directors?

As the son, grandson and nephew of Academy graduates, I have been involved with our alma mater my entire life. Indeed, many of my earliest memories revolve around our alma mater. That involvement escalated after my graduation in 2004. I was actively involved with the nascent Los Angeles Chapter during my first assignment at LA Air Force Base. I have served on Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown’s Service Academy Nomination Committee since 2006. More recently, I’ve taken over as President of one of the AOG’s largest chapters, a position that afforded me the opportunity to attend the AOG’s Chapter President’s conference and work increasingly closely with the AOG leadership and staff.

I’ve learned a great deal running our chapter and representing the AOG in my region. These lessons would serve me well on the AOG Board of Directors.

How would you suggest the AOG improve its relevance to the Graduate Community as a whole and to individual Graduates?

The AOG has made significant strides recently in engaging the graduate community, largely through the push to increase, grow and strengthen its chapters. That said, there are several specific areas of improvement I would recommend that would enhance the AOG’s relevance to the graduate community:

The first recommendation is to take steps to further develop programming that will compel grads to engage. In Ohio we’ve learned that Falcon sporting events provide an ideal opportunity for this. We work with businesses to sponsor the events, allowing us to provide free food and drinks for attendees. The AOG could leverage this successful practice by working with a restaurant chain to plan a national watch party for televised Falcon games with pre-negotiated, reduced pricing. Additionally, the AOG can help coordinate partnership with local Universities when the Falcons come to town. We held a highly successful joint tailgate with Wright State University when our basketball team came to play. Over 300 graduates and family members joined in the fun.

The AOG can leverage the engagements successes of our sister service academy chapters by encouraging engagement at the local level. We’ve had a terrific response in Ohio by leveraging inter-service football games, which provide a great atmosphere for networking and a foundational platform for further cooperation. Logical next step is to create joint-service academy, ‘SACC-style’ local networking events, which would serve the dual purpose of engaging grads and demonstrating a core value of the AOG in bringing the community together for professional advancement.

A final recommendation is to develop and engagement program with whom I consider to be our main target audience; cadets and young graduates. I propose as part of this outreach a mentorship program, through which cadets are matched with willing (and preferably younger) AOG members to begin correspondence through which benefits of AOG membership can be shared and a tangible link to a relatable AOG member can be established.

Under the recently adopted Carver governance model, the primary role of the Board is to provide the strategic direction for the organization, while leaving operational administration to the CEO. How do you define strategic direction? What experience have you had in strategic thinking and policy making?

I define strategic direction as providing guidelines and outlining courses of action that will allow the organization to achieve its goals. Though I am young, I do have significant experience in strategic thinking and policy making, starting with my time on wing staff at the Academy and carrying through to my career and community leadership participation. At multiple times during my career, I’ve been in strategic roles: I’ve helped launch and market new products in strategic commercial markets for a startup, stood up a DOD business development operation for a small business, helped a nonprofit organization develop strategic social marketing programs, and managed all Air Force sales and marketing for large companies. An example of my policy making experience can be seen through my participation in Congressman Steve Austria’s Blue Ribbon Task Force. My participation included developing and enhancing detailed policy recommendations to enhance networking opportunities for businesses in the region. I was chosen from the task force members to brief my recommendations to a press conference with my Congressman. Lastly, I am familiar with the Carver Governance model, as I sit on a board (my synagogue) that utilizes it.

How much of your time can you devote to meetings, preparation for Board of Directors meetings, emails/correspondence, committee work, and interacting with members?

I am fortunate to have an extremely flexible working situation. I work remotely in Ohio and my frequent business travel takes me nationwide to areas with Air Force bases and AOG chapters, including Colorado Springs. I have the complete support of my company’s leadership for the time and travel necessary to fully attend to board responsibilities.

Personal Statement

Election Update Message (2/20/2013)

Greetings Fellow Graduates,

I’m truly grateful for the support I’ve received thus far in the election process. I’ve heard from many of you with your ideas and thoughts on how we can form a more perfect graduate union, and I’ve been taking notes! I am excited about the opportunity to represent you on the AOG Board, and will always maintain open communication with our membership to understand what our community’s needs are.

Thank you all again for your consideration; I’m ready to serve!


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