Election Update



The 2015 election officially began at noon, 2 February 2015 when Survey and Ballot Systems (SBS), the company that conducts our elections, began sending out individual emails to all members. It will take a couple of days to get them all out. Each email is unique and tells the member how to get to the SBS website, gives a user ID and a unique password.

If you don't get your email by Friday, 6 February 2015, first check your "deleted" folder and junk mail files for it. Then call here and customer service will take your name, AOG number and email address. We will verify that you are a member eligible to vote (or not) and then notify SBS to send you a replacement (or not).

This election is being conducted solely electronically, no paper ballots. Last election only 2 members requested paper ballots and neither submitted them. Members who don't have computers may go to the library or a relative to access the technology. Voting ends at noon MST on Monday, 2 March.

If you have other questions, please email Gary Howe, ’69, Executive Vice President at gary.howe@aogusafa.org or call to (719) 472-0300, ext 106.