Election Update


The 2017 Association of Graduates Election will be conducted from February 3rd through March 3rd. Twenty-two candidates are seeking your vote for five director vacancies. You can learn about the candidates by clicking on their names below. Five of these candidates will represent you on the Board of Directors, so please make your informed vote count.


The AOG Board of Directors proposes three Bylaw changes: 1) Simplifying our vision statement, 2) Allowing the Class Advisory Senate President to vote, and 3) Allowing a single President and CEO to lead the integrated organization while reporting to two independent Board of Directors. The AOG Board of Directors strongly encourages each member to vote IN FAVOR of the proposed Bylaw changes. You may find more info at these links:

It is vital that members vote. Why? Because our Bylaws require a quorum of 25% of the membership (approximately 7,049 members) for Bylaw changes to be enacted. The third Bylaw change opens the door for better synergy with the USAFA Endowment and for the resulting enhanced support to the Academy, cadets, and graduates.

Questions may be sent to AOG Executive Assistant, Emma Ross, at Emma.Ross@aogusafa.org, or AOG Executive Vice President, Gary Howe, at Gary.Howe@aogusafa.org.