(iSABRD)- This networking tool is only available via the Internet. This excellent tool contains the names of over 36,600 service academy graduates who have specifically asked to be listed because they are willing to talk to you about careers in their field, in their location, and/or with their company. Born from the belief that the alumni organizations exist to serve the needs of their membership, this directory presents a powerful business leadership network.

Information in iSABRD showcases service academy alumni endeavors but, more importantly, it provides a resource for those alumni in need of certain services in a geographical area and those hiring or seeking a job.

The iSABRD is searchable by industry, geographic location (city, state, etc.), company, alphabetically, and by class year. What industry interests you? Where do you want to live? Which of your classmates are out in the business world? This tool can lead you to valuable resources for information.