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Class of 2008

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Class of 2008 - Key Data

  • Appointed:1327 on Thursday, July 1, 2004
  • Graduated:1027 on Wednesday, May 28, 2008
  • Commissions:
  • USAF-1000
  • US Army-5
  • US Navy-3
  • Foreign-13
  • Not commissioned-6
  • Graduation Speaker:
  • George W. Bush, President of the United States
  • Presented Commissions:
  • George W. Bush, President of the United States
  • Presented Diplomas:
  • George W. Bush, President of the United States
  • Cadet Wing Commanders:
  • Kenneth P. Grosselin (Summer) Ian K. Helms (Fall) Jonathan C. Reynolds (Spring)
  • Scholarships:
  • Rhodes Scholarship: Hila Levy; Alberta Bart Holaday Scholarship: Ian Helms; Hertz Fellowship: Adam Stooke; National Science Foundation Fellowship: Jason Adams, John Richmond, Benjamin Worrall; Superintendent's Rand PhD Scholarship: Kenneth Grosselin, Eric Jesse, Jordan Ostwald; Draper Labs Fellowship at Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Thomas Herold, Rachel Owen, Todd Small, Ashley Snyder; Departmental Scholarships at Massachusetts institute of Technology: Christin Hart, John Richmond, Joseph Robinson, Kimberly Kallabis, Christopher Boyer; Lincoln Labs Fellowship at Massachusetts Institute of Technology: William Deike, Jacob Hall, Jared Krueger; Departmental Scholarships at Rice University: Joel Martin, Creighton Moorman, Samuel Wright; Draper Labs Fellowships at Rice University: Eric Mees, Danielle Paya, Adam Sievers, John Wilder; Graduate School Program Scholarship: Brandon LaRoche, Meghan Lansford, Michael Smith, Maximilian Hinton, Kara Thoreson; Engineering Department Scholarship at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: Benjamin Worrall; Harvard University Scholarship: Alexander Pedersen, Anna Schnitger, Thomas Stuart, Michael Yakima; General John F. Gerhart Fellowship: Heather Clemens; National Collegiate Athletic Association Scholarship: Kenneth Grosselin; Nutter Trust Scholarship: Emmanuel Delacruz; Franklin C. Wolfe Fellowship: Robert Whipple; General Richard L. Lawson Scholarship: Ryan Shaughnessy; University of Washington Engineering Fellowship: Brian Heemstra, Andrew Melander, Jacob Rohrbach; University of Maryland Scholarship: Justin Raines, Benjamin Schaftel, Michael Snelgrove, Matthew Yarrington
  • All-Americans (sports):
  • Clark Condict (Water Polo); Eric Ehn (Ice Hockey, 3 time); Brian Boardman (Gymnastics); Tyler Sickles (Gymnastics); Greg Stine (Gymnastics,17 times); Chad Hall (Football)l; Clifford Moore (Boxing, 2 time); Brian Navin (Boxing, 2 time); Daryn Nelson (Boxing); Chris Johnson (Boxing); John Quinn (Boxing, 2 time); Elizabeth Enyart (Fencing)
  • Class Officers:
  • President: Abraham Umanah; Vice President: Jethro Sadorra; Scribe: Trenton Sandberg

Class Motto: Elige Sortem Tuam ( Choose Your Fate)

Class Crest Heraldry:

American Flag: The eight stars represent the pride our class has for our country, the freedoms we are protecting and as a constant reminder of who we are.

Aircraft: One F-35 Lightning II and one F-15E Strike Eagle adds up to 50, our class year. These planes represent the past and the future of which our class is about to move forward from and embark on.

KWR: Karl W. Richter our class exemplar's initials are embedded in the feathers of the eagle as a statement of his impact on our class and the example of leadership and dedication he has engrained in our hearts.

Polaris: As the "north star" of our class, this symbol serves as the guiding light for our class towards our future. It was the guiding light for those who came before us and will continue to be the guiding light for those who follow long after us.

Saber : The blade is wrapped tightly by the scroll of our class motto as our class holds fast to the core values and discipline instilled from our time at the Academy.

Chapel: This is a reminder of the beautiful view we live in now and the beauty we will fight to protect in the future.

Eagle: The eagle serves as a reminder to our class that we are the defenders of our country, ready to strike at a moment's notice for any alarm.

Class Year: L is the Roman numeral representing the 50th class to graduate from the Air Force Academy.

Class Motto: "Elige Sortem Tuam" means Choose Your Fate, a motto our class has chosen to live by since the very first day we entered basic.

Graduating Year: 2008 is displayed boldly on our ring. It stands out prominently on the ring so that all who view our crest will forever remember the Class of 2008!