Eastern Michigan Senior Salute for the Class of 2014

Sunday, April 13, 2014

VFW Post 4012
Northville, MI

Kathleen Aro



This is open to all 2014 Graduates.  It will be held at the VFW Post 4012 from 1 - 4pm.  Place settings, main course and soft drinks will be provided by the parent club.  Please bring a dish to share based on your last name for 8-10 people.

A-H  Vegetable/sides/starches - i.e., potatoes

I-R    Salads/Fruit trays

S-Z    Snack I.e., salsa & dip, cheese and crackers

* A cash bar will be available

We will keep a list of who is bringing what dish.

E-Mail POC updates t post if you can't make it.

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