Welcome Class of 2020

Congratulations on accepting your appointment to the United States Air Force Academy! We’re the Association of Graduates (AOG) – the alumni association of your Air Force Academy. As an Appointee, your first steps into the Air Force will begin at our headquarters in Doolittle Hall and we will be with you and your family throughout your Air Force career and beyond.

We have created several membership options for you and your family to consider. Our most popular is the Family Plan which includes an AOG Life Membership for you when you graduate along with benefits you can use as a cadet, like discounts in our store. Click here to see a full explanation of AOG membership benefits. The Family Plan also includes many benefits for your family, the most useful of which is unlimited Webguy access. If your parents haven’t heard about Webguy it is a photo coverage which follows you and your classmates throughout Basic Cadet Training and then provides a window into daily cadet life throughout each academic year – plus all significant class events in your 4 years here at the Air Force Academy. Take a look at the video to the right to hear about Webguy directly from parents of current cadets.

Please review the programs and benefits we offer below, then select the membership option that best meets your family’s needs.

Our Parent Memberships

Family Plan (Webguy + LMAG + More!)


per Month

  • Includes Full Access to USAFA Webguy
  • Life membership for you and your cadet at Graduation
  • Exclusive WebGuy Giveaways
  • FREE Admission for two to WebGuy Social
  • Flash sales up to 50% off merchandise 4 times a year
  • And much more! See below for details...

Life Membership at Graduation (Cadet Membership)


per Month

  • Invaluable Networking Opportunities
  • Career Services
  • Free or Discounted Event Registration

Membership Highlights

Click here for a complete list of membership benefits

Cadet Only Membership

Family Plan

Pricing (per month) $16.00 $36.00
Upper Class Summer Programs
6 Weeks of BCT Coverage
Legacy Events:
Acceptance Parade
Exemplar Dinner and Ceremony
Commitment Dinner and Ceremony
Ring Dining Out and Ceremony
100th Night and First Air Force Assignments
Graduation Week
Daily Webguy Blogs (FREE regardless of membership)
FREE Admission for two to Webguy Social
FREE Admission for Cadet Members to Webguy Social
Eligible for exclusive "Webguy Giveaways"
  • Parents Weekend getaway to Colorado Springs ($500 toward airfare, 3 night accommodation, $100 gift certificate toward dinner)
  • Graduation Weekend getaway to Colorado Springs ($500 toward airfare, 3 night accommodation, $100 gift certificate toward dinner)
15% Discount online or in-store at AOG Gift Shop
Personalized Membership card for you and your Cadet
Free Commissioning Portrait*
Flash Sales up to 50% off merchandise 4 times a year
Checkpoints Magazine
At Graduation: Graduate Family Plan
Unlimited Webguy access with no fee
Association of Graduates Lifetime Membership
Electronic Life membership for Parent/Guardian
Graduate Directory
Career Services
Invaluable Networking Opportunities
Reunion Discount
Continuous Connection with your Academy
Discounted Doolittle Hall Rental
Membership Expires

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LMAG Family Plan

*Pictures will be taken at Doolittle Hall during Graduation week. More information to come.

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AOG Membership comes with many benefits!

Checkpoints Magazine

15% Gift Shop Discount

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