Welcome Class of 2019

Congratulations on earning the opportunity to attend the United States Air Force Academy! We're the Association of Graduates — the 501 (c)(3) non-profit alumni association of the Air Force Academy. An appointee's first steps here will be at our headquarters in Doolittle Hall, and we want to help new appointees and parents as they begin this new journey.

If you haven't heard about WebGuy and our programs designed to follow your Cadet throughout all significant events in their 4 years here at the Air Force Academy, watch the video to the right! Please review the programs and benefits we offer below, and let us know if you have any questions.

We offer two great options for parents to get involved in your cadet's experience.

Photo by DEREK M RICHARDSON, C1C, USAF, Chief of Support, Officer Candidate, Cadet Squadron 15.

Parent Member Plus: $39.72/month

The ultimate membership for the involved parent and cadet that includes Life Membership at Graduation!

WebGuy full-access coverage

  • Access for 4 years
  • 6 weeks of BCT Coverage
  • Acceptance Parade
  • Recognition
  • Exemplar Dinner and Ceremony
  • Commitment Dinner and Ceremony
  • Ring Dining Out and Ceremony
  • 100th Night and First Air Force Assignments
  • Graduation Week
  • ...and everything in between

You also have access to:

  • Daily Blogs
  • Free Downloads of videos and pictures
  • Parent Forums

Electronic Life Member after graduation for Parent/Guardian

  • Limit 1 membership per household

Life Membership at Graduation (LMAG) for your Cadet

  • Graduate Directory
  • Career Services
  • Invaluable Networking Opportunities
  • Reunion Discounts

Cadet Member Benefits

  • Exclusive offers
  • Free or discounted events
  • Shopping discounts

Exclusive "WebGuy Giveaways"

Communications – Checkpoints, ZoomiEnews and 7258'

15% Discount at our store (Doolittle Hall and online)

FREE admission to Webguy Social

  • Limit 2 per Membership

Class Club: $20.18/month

WebGuy full-access to photos and video from BCT coverage through their Academy graduation.

Cadet Membership Why should YOU become a Member of your AOG?

  • Invitations to events at a discounted Cadet Member price — you won't want to miss out!

  • Take part in exclusive contests — awesome prizes!

  • Access to an extensive grad network — it's who you know who can make the biggest impact!

  • Elite Cadet Only Membership Card — you don't want to miss out on access to all these benefits!

Family Membership Why should you join as a FAMILY?

  • Access to thousands of pictures — don't miss a step in your Cadet's experience!

  • Communication from the Academy right to your inbox — be in the loop as to what's happening on The Hill!

  • Life Membership for you AND your Cadet — see to it that no one misses out on exclusive events, discounts, and engagement!

  • Elite Membership card — you don't want to miss out on access to all these benefits! AND MORE!

AOG Membership comes with many benefits!

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