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AOG Executives:

President & Chief Executive Officer

Executive Vice President

Senior Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Senior Vice President for Business Operations

Executive Assistant

History and Heritage Projects Officer



Senior Accounting Clerk

Senior Data Integrity Specialist

Senior Data Integrity Specialist

Data Integrity Specialist

Alumni Affairs:

Vice President for Alumni Affairs
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Director of Parent & Cadet Programs

Director of Graduate Programs

Membership Services Specialist

Graduate and Cadet Support Specialist

Volunteer Coordinator



Director of Business Operations

Director of Business Programs

Marketing Coordinator

Marketing Specialist

Information Technology:

Director of Information Systems


Senior Vice President for Communications

Director of Web Communications

Systems Administrator

Lead Programmer / Web Developer


Managing Editor

Editor / Photographer

Creative Director

Graphic Designer

Class News and Obituary Editor
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Doolittle Hall Events/Special Functions:

Director, Event Planning

Alumni Affairs Event Coordinator

Alumni Affairs Event Coordinator

Special Functions Coordinator

Customer Service and Facility Management:

Customer Service Supervisor

Customer Service Representative

Merchandising Lead

Merchandising Representative

Tim Klopfenstein
Merchandising Assistant

Facilities Superintendent