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William "T" Thompson, '73

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William "T" Thompson is the AOG's President and Chief Executive Officer. He is an award-winning entrepreneur, former Delta Air Lines captain, community and government leader, tax attorney, and public speaker.

After graduation from USAFA, he spent one year recruiting for the Academy before going on to pilot training and became an instructor pilot. He left the Air Force after seven years, finished law school and received his JD in 1982.

While with Delta, he founded the Summit Group, comprising several successful businesses that included Subways, Dunkin Donuts and TCBY fast food franchises, an engineering services firm, a systems integration company and a real estate development firm. He has been recognized in numerous media outlets including, the Wall Street Journal, Black Enterprise Magazine, NBC, CBS and PBS.

"T" also served for 17 years as Commissioner of the Massachusetts Aeronautics Commission, serving three governors in both Democratic and Republican administrations. He is the longest serving Commissioner in the Agency's history.

He has also served as a member and chair on numerous local, state and national non-profit boards, including the Boy Scouts of America and the American Cancer Society.